Crazy Paving & Cladding

Grampians Sandstone Crazy Paving and Cladding is produced from high quality dimension stone quarry blocks, sawn to your preferred thickness (generally from 30mm to 100 mm). As these are not rejects or offcuts from other jobs, we supply pieces as large as possible, so that they can be easily split or cut on site, enabling you, your landscape designer and/or landscaper to create a style and finish that is unique to your project.

Being local, we’re also flexible. Grampians Sandstone’s customers are welcome to choose their preferred colour blend. (A typical mix, for example, is 50% cream, 40% white and 10% red).

Unlike much of the environmentally unfriendly, imported crazy paving that finds its way to Australia as offcuts and reject stone from foreign building projects, Grampians Sandstone is purpose sawn for your project.

You can also choose between rough (wheel sawn) pieces, with rustic saw marks and ripples, or smooth (block sawn) pieces of uniform thickness.