Selected Freestone

Grampians Sandstone ‘Selected Freestone’ is ready to lay, random shaped, Australian sandstone that has been hand hammered and split from large sandstone slabs by our experienced quarrymen.

This highly skilled, traditional, artisan stonemasonry produces wonderfully random shaped pieces of walling and paving sandstone that have a depth of around 110 mm – about the same depth as a brick.


Splitting the stone to uniform thickness at the quarry dramatically increases laying speed and ease, saving hugely on backbreaking labour and time for stonemasons, landscapers and bricklayers.

As each piece of Grampians Sandstone is already split to correct thickness, selected freestone is also perfect for DIY stone wall builders wanting to try their hand at building their own stone feature wall, entrance gate or stone house.

Grampians Sandstone Selected Freestone can be ordered either by the tip truck load or as individual pallets of stone, each pallet containing enough stone to cover approximately 5 square metres.

Our preferred carriers carry a forklift on board for unloading pallets and can deliver almost anywhere. Contact us to order.