Landscape Rocks & Pinnacles

Being a sedimentary stone, Grampians Sandstone has a ‘grain’ like fine timber. This means that for stonemasons, artists, artisans and anyone else wishing to work, bolster or ‘dress’ the stone, it splits easily into an array of amazing and striking shapes. It can also be drilled, chiselled and shaped with an angle grinder.

Our resident stonemason at the quarry can craft wonderfully ‘natural’ landscaping feature rocks and pinnacles to create something absolutely unique to your garden or you can purchase a large piece of raw quarry stone and try doing it yourself. (It’s fun – and the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll turn a large rock into several small ones).

Grampians Sandstone can also be either rough or smooth sawn into memorial stones, water features and decorative objects. This beautiful and durable stone can also be wire sawn and machine profiled to match old stonework in the repair of historic and heritage buildings all over the world.