At Grampians Sandstone we’re proud to make our wonderful sandstone available throughout Australia and to the rest of the world;

  • either for heritage work, to match the colour of existing sandstone that may no longer be available.
  • in boutique quantities, to bring a touch of Australia to prestige residential and commercial building projects.

As we care about our long term business relationships and Australia’s reputation as an honest and reliable business partner, we would like to make the following points regarding Grampians Sandstone;

  • Our stone is unusually hard and fine, compared to most other sandstones and is produced by natural geological events.  Therefore stone colour varies across the quarry and typically dimension stone block sizes for processing do not exceed 1000 mm long x 1000 mm wide x 800 mm high.
  • Downloadable tests of previous stone testing results, demonstrating the typical quality and properties of our sandstone are located here  Technical Summary
  • We do not use a block saw at the quarry. All stone that we sell for processing is wheel (rough) sawn.
  • Our domestic and international clients are welcome to visit the quarry and approve their dimension stone prior to shipment.
  • Owing to rapidly increasing demand, production lead times can vary significantly, depending on the colour and quantity of the stone ordered. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to deliver quality stone for their projects, on time.

For pricing and further information, please contact us.