Random Steppers

Random steppers from Grampians Sandstone are randomly shaped, sandstone slabs, rough sawn at the quarry.

Their wonderful earthy colours give them an authentically Australian look, while the sandstone’s natural texture gives them great slip resistance, even on wet days. Grampians Sandstone random steppers are perfect for landscaping large and small residential and commercial spaces, including paths, courtyards, parks and barbeque areas.

Hues vary from creamy whites to earthy tans and rich reds, with these colours often strikingly rainbowed across one single paver. Unlike darker, denser stones, such as bluestone, the light colour and texture of sandstone ensures it stays cooler underfoot on hot days.

Being traditionally produced on a wheel saw, slab thickness can vary, so Grampians steppers are best laid on a solid mortar bed.

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